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What is Grace?

The reality is everyone wants roughly the same things. I like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as a clear base of what drives people.  What shapes their worldview on how that is obtained, what to prioritize, etc will be unique to the person. The desired outcome will not be much different than anyone else’s.  The issue comes when we don’t take the time to appreciate that uniqueness.

Grace is trying to understand the unique situation each person is in.  It is fighting the “headline” instinct to remove nuance from life.  It is taking the pregnant pause to reflect and consider.  Mostly, it is being open and appreciative of growth.

Being graceful with ourselves is just as difficult as being graceful with others.  WE can be so hard on ourselves for what we haven’t done, instead of focusing on what we HAVE.  We focus on what we should be doing instead of what we COULD be doing.  These negative reflections will ultimately lead you looking for faux scapegoats if you cannot openly reflect on both your successes and failures.

This is especially true with health and fitness.  A snapshot in time never does justice for the journey, which for health is the most important.  3,5,10 years from now will matter just as much, if not more for our health.  Nothing else in your life can be guaranteed to matter in the future.  

You will always have peak moments in your health and abilities.  Enjoy them, but don’t let yourself take away from your small victories.  The habits to fall in love with and build now, those are what will truly determine your health in the future.  This is true both physically and mentally.

Especially after a giant change to most routines, now is the time to focus on the journey itself and not where you are in it.  Who cares that you can’t lift as heavy after a pandemic!?  You can start the new routine today (and maybe again next week, just keep going!).  The pandemic 15, while unfortunate, will not get better by complaining about the virus (Viruses can’t hear anyway), so appreciate all the snacks you got to eat on your couch and start the next part.  Say it with me, “It Does Not Matter How Much, Just That I Am.”

Direction is so much more important than speed.  Everyone is on their own journey, I wish you godspeed and urge you to continue to put one foot in front of the other.  And please respect yourself on your journey and everyone else on theirs.


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