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What to do when you don’t know what to do.

In our current environment, the one thing many of us are facing is a sudden jump into the unknown.  This can manifest as frustration, or other less productive emotions.  Feeling those emotions is absolutely ok, but after that we need to decide how we are going to proceed.

Double down on what you think makes you great.  When the future is unclear, stop wondering about how to get there, and focus on what you want when you get there.  For CrossFit Tri-Cities, we looked to our mission statement of building a healthier community and raising the fitness standards.  For myself, it was making sure I can continue to grow as a father, business owner.  What values or mission do you own?  When the world makes it hard to focus, give yourself less to focus on.

By doubling down on your greatness, or even future greatness, it gives you back control.  It removes one more unknown.  Most of what will get to us is going to be beyond our control.  Remember what YOU want, focus as much energy as you can on it, and don’t let the world give you an easy excuse!


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