April 11th, 2017
Hey everyone! We have a lot going on at CrossFit Tri-Cities and just wanted to keep everyone in the loop. Lots of exciting things are happening and will be happening in the future, so we wanted to start getting some of this out there.

First, Murph for Miller 10 is here! It’s hard to believe it has been ten years of raising money for homeless veterans. This event started out of a garage and now is one of the largest CrossFit charity events in the area. Sign up is live here! Each of the past 5 years we have been able to raise over $10,000 and our hoping to get to $15,000 this year! All details can be found on the link or on the event FB page.

More exciting news, we are training two new coaches! Everyone’s favorite joy girl Shannon Flavin and Super Mom herself Katie Gleason have taken the next steps into becoming a bigger part of this amazing community. This time around with our new coaches we want to give the gym a good look at what the process is and what it takes. Be on the look out for “Road to Coach” blogs and videos on the Gym’s website and FB page! I do want to add a little bit to that here, both were asked why they wanted to coach. Their answers are incredible and share an amazing journey and show a passion for exercise and this community that needs to be shared. Get to know our current residency coaches a bit more here.

To put it simply, Crossfit is an ever-so-important tool for my life. Let me explain. I joined Crossfit after having my 4th baby in 5 years. Two of those years my husband was deployed with the Army. There was ZERO time for myself. And as much as being a mom is the greatest title I will ever have, a lot of me went missing. I was unhappy with my appearance, with my health (uncontrolled asthma and low energy) and the part of me that became lost in motherhood. The moment my husband came home from his deployment in 2013, I signed up for Foundations. My goal was to lose that baby fat and regain confidence in myself again. To my surprise, I got so much more.

Most of my adult life, I had spent a week in the ICU about 3-5 times a year. Numerous times I battled against being intubated. I was unable to just get the common cold without my lungs all but fall out of me. I had to bring my inhaler with before going to a haunted house or a comedy club. Darting to grab a child before he ran into the street did me in too. I was on steroids (Prednisone) way more than I was not. I took daily inhaled steroids, and had collected 6 nebulizer machines. I was sent to UIC to be under the care of an Asthma Research Program. Doctors and specialists referred me to National Jewish Hospital in Colorado because of my growing tolerance of steroids-they no longer worked for me. Who, if anybody, has time for this?

In 2014, my mom was the first to notice. May and October were sure-win bets for me to have a stay in the hospital due to the seasons changing, and it was October. I had a cold. It started a few days before my mom mentioned to me that my asthma hadn’t kicked in yet. And you know what? It never did. I haven’t been in the hospital for my asthma since early 2014 and I am pretty sure my insurance company is happy about that! I can get sick, without my asthma noticing…without my blood/oxygen level dropping into the 80’s. Being sick was never so glorious, I mean it! I think I have been on steroids just twice since then as well. But my tolerance to the steroids went away, as I would rebound within 24 hours when I needed them. A disease that once held this mom of 4 down has been defeated. I wish I could put into words what that feels like.

So what does Crossfit mean to me? It means my lungs are ready to race my kids to the park. It means I can play a pick-up volleyball game with friends, and help my neighbor carry a couch to the basement. Asthma? You wouldn’t know I have it if you didn’t see me taking a puff of my little red inhaler before each WOD (I don’t ever need it after!) This, turns out was way more meaningful than my initial goal of shedding some pounds. But WAIT, there more! I had NO IDEA the other ways Crossfit would improve my life. It’s my one hour emotional and mental break (and believe me, I need it!). It’s the one hour I give myself so that I can give so much more to my family. Now-don’t jump on me for getting all cheesy here, but Crossfit has helped me feel “me” again. It’s no secret in my household to tread lightly around mom if she hasn’t been to the gym in a couple days!

You know when you find something so life-changing and amazing, and you want to share it with everyone you know? Well, that’s where coaching comes in. If I could bring the circle around, and do for others what TCCF and its coaches has done for me-well that’s just another win in my book! Some peoples meaning of Crossfit may not be so life-altering, and for some, it may be more. Through coaching, I have an opportunity to be part of it all. From the success of someone gaining the courage to walk into our gym for the first time, to seeing another’s first toes-to-bar, the 2.5lb PR and the 20lb PR. The celebrations, the setbacks and the struggles. Remembering it’s all part of the journey. I am honored to be part of those journeys!

A big part of my love of Crossfit. I love that my boys see a barbell and weights and think of me. They see me lift, watch me fail, celebrate my PRs and cheer me on. They see there is no mold for girls, moms/women.


In many ways across the eight years that I have done CrossFit, it has been my salvation, my safe place, my family, and my foundation on which I have rebuilt and redefined my life. Certainly there have been physical changes and the actual work has been my tool for those transformations, but the evolution of my character has been the single greatest gift.

My coaches have taught me to manage my frustration, to cope with deep sadness, to celebrate the wins, to rally when someone is in need, to not feel sorry for myself, to work through rage, and to share so much joy within our community – all with a barbell in my hands and a growing fire in my belly. They gave me confidence and hope, courage and fortitude when I wasn’t sure I could ever be healthy and when my heart was so broken. It is one of the greatest gifts of my life and in working hard to become a coach, I hope to be able to give that sense of accomplishment and growth to others.

Slowly as I gained confidence in what I was doing and began to have momentum within my journey, I become comfortable sharing and encouraging others. It started as a quiet “you got this” to what is now my big bossy voice yelling “pick it up – you can do one more of anything” – but honestly being able to help motivate within our community has been such an amazing honor. I think last year encouraging more members, especially the women, to compete and then going out and actively supporting them as they did that was a big step in helping to establish my sense of leadership within the gym. I have worked several events at CFTC and CF Amplify as a judge and competed broadly so I have a good sense of CF standards and proper movement. I have a CF L1 (albeit lapsed) as well but will tell you my greatest experience builder has been my own training, competing, and then traveling to other gyms to train, always looking for new ideas or ways to approach something we are working on at home.

We also have new programs! We are always striving to help our members and our community meet their health and fitness goals. Sometimes that encouragement in a class, other times its something different. We want to be able to offer everyone the health and fitness options of their choice while maintaining the highest level of quality in the services provided, that you have come to expect from CrossFit Tri-Cities.

Our new Nutrition 101 program. We offer customized nutrition approaches for anyone interested with the accountability to help you succeed. Nutrition is such a big part of health and wellness and one that is mired by swarms of misinformation. Links to the program will be on the website soon, if you have questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to email info@tricitiescrossfit.com

Our next weightlifting series. Snatch got you down after the open? Coach Joe has got your back. Soon to be live will be our Snatch series. A lift as technical as this takes practice and consistency. Both of which will be available to anyone interested in the CFTC Snatch series. We want everyone to be able to take part so it will be a class that meets once a week for 8 weeks. Sign up and more info will be live in the coming week.

Everyone always amazed by Coach Shaun and his amazing feats of strength? Me too. He will be instructing a once a week gymnastic class with a singular focus for 6-12 weeks at a time. Be on the look out for his gymnastics classes in the near future!