How do I safely and effectively look better naked? (Where do we get our workouts?)

Easy, we write them.  A better question is why our workouts.  Why is a question we relish at CrossFit Tri-Cities.  Learning and staying open minded is a tenant of our staff and shows in our methodologies.  No two people are the same so we must be able to adapt and change our approach early and often.  Several times if necessary.  Over the years we have constantly adapted our approach to address our members unique goals.  However, one goal remains king in the fitness industry.

How do I safely and effectively look better naked?  Be honest, if working out didn’t have this awesome benefit it would not be a priority.  The good news is our health and aesthetic appeal are linked.  We create our workouts to do five things:
1.) Build Lean Tissue to create a long lasting and effective approach to stay at a healthy body fat % while becoming more capable and aesthetically pleasing.
2.) Build proper movement patterns to correct and maintain range of motion and posture
3.) Create enough stimulus for the training to be effective, but at a recoverable dose
4.) Create enough variety and range of motions to stop accommodation, build resilience and remain enjoyable and mentally stimulating.
5.) Progress in a way that ensures success, joy and constantly evolving goals.

This can be a daunting task, however with smart movement selection, proper rep schemes and necessary accessory work it can be done in a sustainable fashion that allows for consistent improvement.

For our movements we stick with mostly compound functional movements, ie. The things you do in everyday life.  These movements are sitting, standing, hinging, rotating, jumping, pressing, and pulling.  These are built into our DNA and can be done well by everybody!

Our Rep schemes vary based on the desired stimulus.  We rotate based on season whether we are trying to build lean tissue, burn fat or become stronger.  Sometimes all three!

Our Accessory work is to become resilient.  We want to get moving and stay moving.  Once we have a range of motion we want to not only keep it but remain strong in it.  Staying injury free is a big part of moving forever.  And our goal is just that.  We want to chase our grand kids.

Your workout selection should match your goals, not the other way around.  If you ever wonder why we choose to do what we do, never hesitate to ask us why!