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Workout Stress

Working out can be a great stress reliever for me and I’m sure is a motivator for many of you as well. Exercise releases endorphins into the body which reduce the feeling of pain and even give the body a positive feeling, and when you make working out a habit then you get used to sitting at work in that relaxed state. And it’s hard to go back to an inactive lifestyle at that point.


But lately this stress relief has NOT been the case for me. Why? My workouts still provide me with positive endorphins, but my programming has entered an extreme hypertrophy phase which leaves me exhausted and hungry. Four days a week I’ve been supersetting lifts at 10×10 with additional accessory work, and recovery is slow. This leaves me more lethargic than normal as well as hangry, and it only took me three weeks to figure out why I was feeling so ornery.


So if you’re feeling workout stress, try to implement a few of these tips to pinpoint the reason:


Recognize the Problem

Simply realizing that you are upset can help combat negative feelings. And after that, knowing the frustration is coming from your exercise will help you overcome the stressors.


Prioritize Recovery

Try to adjust your schedule to allow for more down time or better, active recovery work. Stretch, roll out, get in your warm ups and cool downs. And as a part of that recovery…


Get Your Nutrients In

Make sure you are following your diet plan so your body is getting in the right foods and the right amount of calories. If you have questions reach out to Kayla about specific dietary needs.


Decrease the Intensity

Make exercise enjoyable again in a way that balances out your whole life. Just make it your goal to get moving for the same amount of time, but with less intensity.


Change Up Your Routine

Variety is good for the body and refreshing for the mind. This is why I love CrossFit. But sometimes I’ll get out of the gym and run or swim or bike. Talk to your trainer about more exercise ideas that you can implement in the gym and on your own as well.


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