Your first week.  Beginner Perspective.

Trying new things is hard.  As an adult we are conditioning to avoid things we aren’t good at.  Especially with the stigma surrounding gyms.  They are supposed to be intimidating, you won’t know anyone, and you could see or be expected to try movements you’ve never done before.  This can be nerve wracking.

Going into you first session you will feel a lot of emotions, fear, anxiety, excitement.  Hell, you won’t know where anything is, let alone what it is called.  You will even struggle getting the clips on and off the bar.  When you leave though.  That is the big payoff.  Self-satisfaction, accomplishment.  I’ve been working out for years and the best part is always when the workout if over.  I know the feeling of being afraid, nervous of a new place, inconvenienced by a change in routine.  The feeling of being out of breath during and not sure if I can finish my workout, sometimes not wanting to.  But I do, and you can.  The pay off is always worth it.  I have never once regretted doing a workout.

With each workout you pick up steam.  The strangers get names, the movements become more familiar, anxiousness turns to excitement.  We can’t wait to feel that way again.  We may ache and feel sore, but we are accomplished.  We are performing movements we never thought possible, it turns out we are much more capable then we thought.

The coaches are helpful, and the people are nice!  Everyone is here for the same reason and started in the same place.  Everyone is so supportive.  I can’t wait to come back, next week I will be even better.  I will add five more pounds, I will eat a little cleaner.  Every week we continue to improve until that first week becomes a distant memory.  We found the routine and we are on the journey.  It really only takes that first week.