I know your time is Important

When people want to start to get healthier, they immediately think they need to workout more.  Which can be true. What is more important though, is WHAT will they actually do. One of the most common excuses is being too busy.  TOO BUSY to help ourselves live a better life.


I know this can feel impossible and I don’t mean to patronize.  I am a business owner and I have said those very words to myself, and honestly meant them.  I was lying to myself, but I meant it. What I really was saying is, I am too busy to do the exact workouts with the exact results I want, in probably an unrealistic time frame.  That I agree could be true.


You don’t need to “get into shape,” or “get healthier” in a flurry of crazy exercises or fad diets.  What you need is to make one healthier choice everyday. Then after a week or two, make 2 healthy choices. Make it as easy as substituting a regular soda with a diet one.  That takes no time at all. Maybe it is taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Small changes.


Then, when you are ready for a bigger change, start with what you can do.  If working out for an hour seems like a lot, start with 30 minutes. If going to a gym is too much, take your dog/kid/neighbor for a walk.  That can turn into 1 push-up, and then 5!


Lastly, do not be afraid to ask for help.  There are a lot of people wanting to sell you something (I am one of them).  You need to find something or someone who will help YOU. Accountability and Coaching are two pillars of success in any discipline.  I train people, I also have a coach who trains me. I know it may sound crazy, but I don’t want to workout everyday, I don’t like my veggies sometimes.  But I get held accountable by my coaches and am much happier for my success.

Your time is important, find a way to make yourself important too.

We offer fitness solutions for all levels and needs. Do you work well in a one-on-one setting? Do you find it more motivating to workout in groups? Do you need guidance with your nutrition? We have solutions for any person willing to step in the door and put in the work. Schedule your 30 minute No-Sweat Intro today so we can help decide what’s the best option that fits your specific goals!

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